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Best Practices & Outcomes

Best practices. For better outcomes.

In 2016, “The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health” applied the latest and most exhaustive research to establish the core guidelines for providers—the National Principles of Care for Substance Use Disorder Treatment:

  1. Universal screening for substance use disorders across medical care settings.
  2. Personalized diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning.
  3. Rapid access to appropriate substance use disorder care.
  4. Engagement in continuing, long-term outpatient care with monitoring and adjustments in treatment.
  5. Concurrent, coordinated care for physical and mental illness.
  6. Access to fully-trained and accredited behavioral health professionals.
  7. Access to non-medical recovery support services.

At Symetria Health® and Symetria Recovery® treatment centers, we advocate for, adhere to, and implement these practices as our guiding principles.

Our innovative approach delivers uncommon results.

Our unique approach to opioid addiction treatment – The Symetria Method® – gives our patients the supportive framework needed to restore health and overcome the self-neglect associated with habitual drug use.

The proof is in the numbers*.

  • Discharge data indicates 90% of patients had positive outcomes in recovery progress at discharge.
  • 99% of patients did not require admission to a higher level of care than we offer onsite.
  • 80% of patients participated in preventive health screenings and immunizations.
  • 92% of patients were able to avoid unplanned hospitalization.
  • 80% of patients were able to reduce or abstain from tobacco use.
  • 96% of patients were able to reduce or abstain from alcohol use.
  • Average time in treatment is 9 months across medication programs.

*Based upon a Symetria Health® study of 2016 patient census data.